The Roadmap of MoonSmart Token

The MoonSmart token ($SMART) has just been launched and we’re excited to share with you our roadmap to the moon.

What is MoonSmart?

MoonSmart © is a DeFi launchpad project, which assist a novel DeFi token launching their product to the community. Our aim is to make $SMART token become a new high value one by using smart and well prepared strategies. This is reflected in our slogan: “Let’s go to the Moon in a Smart way”.

The Roadmap

To achieve the target, our team have discussed and planned a roadmap for the MoonSmart project. Follow this roadmap, the $SMART token value can reach to a price that 100 times the launch price. Here is our roadmap:

  • Smart contract deployed & verified on BSCScan
  • Apply for smart contract audit
  • Run a marketing campaign on Reddit, Telegram and Twitter
  • Hold a shilling contest on Reddit, Telegram & Twitter
  • Hold a meme contest
  • Pre-Sale On DxSale
  • Pancakeswap V2 listing
  • Milestone: Reach 1000 holders
  • Big Giveaway to celebrate the first milestone
  • Milestone: Smart contract audit result
  • Coingecko and CoinMarketCap listing
  • Milestone: Reach 5000 holders
  • More marketing campaign to reach 10000 holders‌
  • Milestone: Reach 10000 holders and more!
  • Listing on DEX

Thanks for reading our roadmap. If you interested in the MoonSmart project, you can find out more about our project from the following social networks: — Let’s go to the Moon in a Smart way